Extensive Solution

Best of breed, technology-agnostic solutions tailored to unique requirements supported by a wide range of ICT systems integration solutions and services.

Intelligent identity-based analytics using advanced biometric and other data acquisition and management for safe city and citizen services.

Contactless solutions streamline physical and digital identities to transform personalised safe, secure, and hygienic customer experiences.

Highly available and comprehensive modular solutions from a single point of contact for integrated alternative energy, data centres, networking and telecommunications, cybersecurity and identity management, retail, business platforms, and digital transformation.

  • IP-based cameras and surveillance
  • Video management solutions
  • Multimodal biometric identification
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) analytics
  • Electronic access control systems
  • Mobile app for live video extraction and template matching

Proven Methods

Global best practice 5-step process secures the highest levels of public and employee safety for a variety of organisations throughout Africa.

Our solutions for deterrence, prevention, verification, co-ordination, and resolution are based on integrated technologies and systems to equip personnel with the information they need to be effective. They are compliant and meet regulatory requirements, including GDPR and others.

Public Safety

Automated security incident detection to enable governments and enterprises to quickly respond to threats across large venues. Biometrics and AI provide local responders accurate unobtrusive real-time information. Actively deployed around the world in airports, stadiums, shopping malls, and public spaces.

    Government Services

    Digital citizen services leverage efficiency benefits for equitable, cost-effective service delivery. Diverse capabilities from focused citizen service delivery to sophisticated AI-driven real-time national monitoring, intervention and response solutions.

    Healthcare Provision

    Emergency services first responders leverage low-cost mobile technologies for real-time identification and verification. Healthcare administration personnel verify patients for the application of care and prescribed medicines. Nurses confirm identities in real-time for error-free surgery and other medical applications.

    Skills and Experience

    Enabling social mobility, improving safety and security from offices across major centres in East, West, and South Africa. For co-location, telco, mobile network, and service provider points of presence (PoP), high performance compute (HPC), and edge and modular facilities.

    Providing certified, qualified and experienced engineers across our footprint in 16 African countries with activities in 54.

    • Ranked #1 worldwide 8 times for fingerprint and 5 times for face recognition by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    • More than 20 years of experience in Africa
    • Advanced NEC AI algorithms provide world’s leading African recognition
    • Active deployments in Angola, Zimbabwe, Senegal, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Zambia
    • More than 22 global vendor partnerships


    NEC XON delivers 24-7-365 field support services, problem management, service delivery management, and transition management via our Service & Management Centre.

    Our managed services capabilities are built on the ITIL framework and align best practice, best of breed ITSM (IT Service Management) technology and trained people to manage the complete ticket lifecycle.

    • Rapid onboarding via best of breed technology
    • Extensive service lifecycle integration and management
    • Optimal operational maintenance and rapid restoration

    Create social mobility that’s safe and secure.

    Partner of Choice

    Global vendors choose NEC XON as their premium partner. We have the accreditations, certifications and qualifications that ensure premium customer service to sustain global reputations.