Integrated Solution

Effective supply chains, AI-driven business systems, with safe and pleasant, omni-channel customer experiences via BOPIS, Click & Collect, Kerbside Pickup, and In-Store Fulfilment allow retailers to design superior customer experiences.

Buying, merchandising and marketing are critical factors in successful modern retail stores. Efficient stores drive profitability and electronic shelf labels form the core of effective retail operations.

We support them with a complete managed service, so they can focus on what they do best.

Pricer ESL

Managing store efficiency and customer engagement for an entire chain or a single store

  • Fast, accurate price updates result from smart price tags
  • Improve efficiencies by improving stock availability and replenishment


Providing world-class analytics for retail solutions

  • Automated, cloud-based promotions analytics service
  • Combines AI with transaction data
  • Improves promotion profitability


Using real-time algorithms to control digital values against the real world

  • Enhances transactional data quality from operational processes to ERP systems
  • Zero tolerance on leakage payments
  • Comprehensive transaction flow analyses

Store in a Box

Delivering the integrated, single point of contact platform for digital retail

  • Seamless connectivity and interconnectivity of devices and services, from head office to outlets
  • One platform for heat maps, real-time stock and inventory data through dashboards or shelf edge digital labels

Proven Methodology

Our experienced, certified and trained consultants, engineers and technicians, design and deploy the world’s leading physical and digital retail solutions for African retailers.

We provide an end-to-end solution that includes comprehensive discovery, design, deployment and managed services. From waste management to stock availability, enabling physical and e-commerce, NEC XON Retail provides solutions that make a positive impact on the bottom line. Our solutions:

  • Eliminate price errors in stores
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Enhance stock availability
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Connect physical and digital retail
  • Integrate retail systems into a single device

Skills and Experience

By automating retail shop floors, we have helped retailers enhance store operations and improve stock availability. Today, we continue to enhance the capabilities of retailers with evolutionary solutions that simplify operations, reduce cost and support challenges, improve uptime and availability, and provide an integrated device in a unified platform. Our robotics-driven, AI platform is a globally tried and tested solution that helps retailers improve gross profit.

We have decades of skill and experience delivering retail solutions throughout sub-Sahara Africa. Our certified and trained personnel have:

  • Installed more than 5 million electronic shelf labels
  • Across more than 530 stores
  • In 10 countries
  • Exclusive Pricer partner across sub-Sahara Africa since 2006


NEC XON delivers 24-7-365 field support services, problem management, service delivery management, and transition management via our Service & Management Centre.

Our managed services capabilities are built on the ITIL framework and align best practice, best of breed ITSM (IT Service Management) technology and trained people to manage the complete ticket lifecycle.

  • Rapid onboarding via best of breed technology
  • Extensive service lifecycle integration and management
  • Optimal operational maintenance and rapid restoration

Enable digital retail.