Unmistakably Superior

Our own people have the knowledge, experience and skills to create purposeful solutions based on outstanding head-hunting, senior executive, and scarce skills recruitment, to provide short and fixed-term ICT employment services.

  • Programme and Project Management & Administration
  • ICT Planning
  • IS and Business Architectures
  • Information Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Centre Staff
  • LAN and Desktop Support

Telco and ISP

  • Experienced corporate candidates
  • Appropriately skilled resources
  • Packaged IP solutions
  • Rapidly streamlined off balance sheet financing
  • Minimal risk exposure
  • Deferred cashflow benefits


  • Deep process alignment
  • Refined SMME/QSE partnership capabilities
  • Skills upliftment and transfer via standardised methodologies


  • Skilled translation of requirements into relevant IP solutions
  • Adept enterprise candidates
  • Certified, vetted resources
  • Minimal risk exposure
  • Financing to optimise leverage ratios
  • Specialist ICT expertise

Consummate Method

Matching client and candidate attributes designed to create mutually beneficial scenarios. Because professional sourcing has never been so complex nor requirements so stringent.

  • Standardised industry sourcing practices
  • In-depth verifications of accreditations, qualifications and skills
  • Membership of industry associations to enhance calibre of candidates
  • Research to support various project phases
  • Thorough services, including PMO and more
  • HR processes fully supported
  • IP acquisition, development and retention packages

Designate Assurance

Delivering value through understanding business and public sector landscapes and sourcing top candidates with a track record of success.

  • Accredited by APSO and The Institute of People Management members
  • Aligned with AESC research methodologies
  • Processes based on ISO 9000
  • Experience that exceeds 20 years

Boundless Value

Unite human skills and experience with advanced technologies and leading business processes to generate powerful advantages.

  • Level 1 B-BBEE
  • Offices in East, West and South Africa
  • Activities throughout sub-Sahara Africa
  • Targeted talent sourcing with growth potential
  • Supporting ICT, Engineering, Government, Mining and more

Maximise your growth opportunity via dependable human capital.