Pick n Pay in BP Express forecourt shops deploy digital price tags

16 Sep, 2015
Pricer electronic shelf labels are known to be the very best in terms of quality, efficiency, readability, long life and robustness

19 Pick n Pay stores at BP Express shops have implemented Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) by September 2015, installed by exclusive Pricer African partner, XON Retail Solutions.

The digital labels save time, expense, and errors with automatic price updates and improve the customer experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

“The system is fantastic,” says Alan Putzier, owner of BP Heritage Park in Somerset West in the Western Cape. “Pick n Pay updates its prices almost every day of the week and the system just automatically keeps our pricing current. I don’t have to hassle with printing new labels every day, making sure employees attach them correctly to the shelves, I don’t have any customer complaints, and I don’t have to worry about losing revenue. It’s chalk and cheese compared to the manual process.” He adds that his store is in a low LSM area and he was concerned about people vandalising the electronic price tags but says they’re firmly fixed to the shelves in a secure aluminium bracket and he’s had no problems.

Haamid Wahad of Chess Service Station in Durban is also positive about the installation. “I’m very happy with the system and have no complaints. It makes it easy for my office employees because they don’t have to continually print paper labels for updated prices and I can rest assured that I always display the correct prices and never lose revenues as a result of price fluctuations from Pick n Pay head office.”

The first Pick n Pay Express store was opened in 2008. The new convenience stores stock just over 2 500 lines and trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pick n Pay Express stores are intended to replace some of the current BP Express stores, offering a range of Pick n Pay fresh and convenience items, specifically identified to meet customer needs, including a Wild Bean Café.

Pricer is a global leader providing shelf-edge retail digital solutions that enhance store performance and shopping experience. The solutions solve retail challenges such as customer and employee guidance and is evolving to support shelf-edge customer personalisation, data capture, and interpretation.

“Pricer electronic shelf labels are known to be the very best in terms of quality, efficiency, readability, long life and robustness,” says Annelise Ilderton, national sales manager at XON Retail Solutions. “The price automation solution is central to store automation and enables price flexibility and accuracy at the shelf-edge to meet competition, gain competitive advantage, maximize margins and gain customer trust.”

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