Information Management

NEC XON consults, assesses, designs, implements, manages and supports the entire Data ecosystem that includes information platform solutions, such as:

  • Big data,
  • Backups,
  • Tiered storage,
  • Consolidation,
  • Virtualisation,
  • High availability,
  • Automated, virtualised storage,
  • Desktops and applications, and
  • Private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Data is becoming one of the most important assets of any organisation that has seen growth that far exceeds IT budget escalations. The growth is primarily driven by the need to manage risk and compliance which is increased with the production of data and consumption of mobile applications, social media and e-mail, all of which places a heavy burden on IT resources. NEC XON has established a team of professionals in partnership with its industry-leading vendors to help customers address business obligations and at the same time unlock the value of their data from the cradle to the grave.