Electronic shelf labelling gives customers more confidence in the accuracy of pricing; and store owners can operate their stores more efficiently. The more efficiently the stores are run, the more profitable they are, so the more they will grow, which benefits the entire organisation and customers. It’s a win-win scenario.?

Price discrepancies can be a major issue for retailers who stand to lose revenues, customer loyalty, and incur additional costs through labour inefficiencies. Most retailers are keenly aware of this problem and actively pursuing ESL, which promises to remedy the situation. It reduces the time it takes to update prices in the shop because it eliminates the need for workers to physically replace paper labels. It therefore also improves price integrity substantially. With the addition of an infrared key, store managers and selected employees can use the digital shelf labels to query stock levels at the shelf, which substantially enhances stock control and ultimately customer service. Retailers on average see a 1% increase in GP after installing the system. This increase in GP justifies the system within 18 months and retailers increase profits, much needed in a tough economic climate.

Pricer is the global leader in providing in-store shelf-edge digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. The increasingly feature-rich Pricer platform is crossing over to solve key store transformation challenges such as customer and employee guidance, task-to-light and order preparation. It is also evolving to support shelf-edge customer personalization, data capture and interpretation.

Shopper Solutions

Enhancing the shopping experience.

The growing online retail presence is a clear challenge and opportunity for ‘Brick & Mortar’ stores and customer mobile engagement is one of the solutions. Pricer’s unique integrated Indoor GPS offering along with the new SmartFlash is opening up multiple engagement points with the customer such as guidance to targeted or weekly promotions. Our patented retailer friendly NFC solution is empowering customers to access content directly at the shelf-edge with minimal maintenance. Pricer’s commitment to customer mobile engagement is now allowing Retail in-store customers the ability to utilize an increasing list of viable shopper apps.

Guided shopping route

Using the Pricer (or Tier) mobile shopping application, customers optimize their shopping route, are guided in the store and can easily find specific wanted products.

More product information

Shoppers access enriched product information by tapping the ESL with their smartphones.

Targeted promotions / geofencing

Shoppers are indicated by flash (on the ESL) of the targeted promotions that are available for them. By using an Indoor GPS system to organize store geofencing, the retailer retains the control of promotion boundaries at all times. The Pricer Indoor GPS system provides monitoring and updating capacities

Store Manage Solutions

Store Manage Solutions

Increasing store productivity.

Pricer has developed a complete system solution to support effective promotion encompassing geolocation and SmartFlash capabilities to support store tasks, such as placing and removing promotion tags or using the flash to guide and support staff operational tasks.

Efficient store tasks

Delisting products, negative stocks, new arrivals, shelf implementation, shelf-talker management… associates use the Pricer PDA (or smartphone) application or a tier application to carry out operational tasks. They receive the list of tasks to carry out and they are guided in the store to each electronic shelf label (ESL) for which a task is requested. The concerned ESL will flash when it is approached. The system combines Indoor GPS, the geolocation of products with the IR communication network and the SmartFLASH.

Planogram compliance

Improve planogram compliance. Pricer ESLs acknowledge their positions in the store and can be pinged at any time to check planogram conformity.

Pricer Click & Collect application

The increased interest in home delivery and store pick-up, has indicated to many innovative retailers the need for a quick and responsive Click & Collect application. Pricer’s unique ability to geolocate the associate and the product, in real time, combined with new SmartFLASH technology is clearly revolutionizing in-store picking activities.

The associate receives an online shopper order on a PDA or a smartphone.

The associate is directed to the first and closest item to pick. Optimal route is indicated on the digital map.

The associate approaches, the item’s ESL starts to flash.

The product is picked, associate checks the item off the list and the ESL stops flashing.

The associate is guided to the next closest product on the list and the same process continues.

Price Automation

Discover the digital display range.

The Price Automation solution is central to store automation and enables price flexibility and accuracy at the shelf-edge to meet competition, gain competitive advantage, maximize margins and gain customer trust.

The PRICE solution lets retailers run dynamic pricing to:

  • Fully automate one of the most challenging in-store functions retailers now face: the weekly price change
  • Handle the growing need for price flexibility and accuracy at the shelf-edge
  • Respond immediately to encroaching competition
  • Gain a competitive advantage in specific markets
  • Centralize the price function
  • Maximize margins with instant price reactivity
  • Gain customer trust
  • Modernize stores and enhance a digital image

SmartTAG labels

Discover the digital display range.

Pricer offers two different styles of labels – segment and graphic. Both ranges have standard electronic labels for the shelf-edge as well as specific labels designed for freezers, peg hooks and large signs. All labels work together on the same system, allowing you to mix and match according to your needs.

Key Features

  • Flash capability visible from up to 10 meters, configurable to customer or associate location
  • E-paper graphic display for best readability in all circumstances
  • Most readable segment displays
  • Large screens generally used for Fruit and Veg and Electronic appliances
  • 5 year life time and replaceable battery cassette (no housing tampering)
  • Bi-directional communication, mandatory for geolocation solutions
  • Mounting solutions for attaching to rail, hanging, fixing vertically or putting on horizontal furniture
  • Universal rail adaptation and patented design to attach shelf-talkers


Segment labels


Graphic labels




Extra Large