NEC XON Networking is a systems integrator that specialises in solutions for Service Providers, Mobile Operators, ISPs and large enterprises. We have over 20 years’ experience of delivering complex turnkey solutions and pride ourselves in a highly-skilled team of people with local skills, including designing, building and operating networking solutions of any scale or complexity. We combine extensive experience in the market space with industry leading technologies to build solutions that meet the ever evolving requirements of the modern network.

Our solution partners include Juniper Networks, ADVA Optical, Procera Networks, PeerApp, NEC and other market leading vendors.


  • Telco SDN/NFV Solutions for Enterprise
  • Integrated IP/Optical Core Networks Powered by SDN
  • Service Creation and Optimisation (DPI, Caching & Charging)
  • Metro Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul
  • Security and DDOS Protection
  • Carrier Wireless Access
  • Software-Defined Data Centre
  • Network Management, Operational and Business Support Systems


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  • Complex project delivery across sub-Saharan Africa
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Design and planning
  • Integration and implementation
  • Acceptance testing and handover
  • Network and security optimisation and audits
  • Standard and customised training
  • Premium support throughout Africa from our 24/7 NOC and regional support depots


  • Local Expertise: We proudly boast a large team of experts with international experience that work in and understand the ever evolving challenges of modern networks and communications in Africa.
  • Expert Project Delivery: Our project office is experienced in managing complex implementations, migrations and upgrades.  This experience is critical to ensure that the solutions are delivered to meet agreed deliverables, within agreed timeframes and with minimal impact.
  • 24/7/365 Support: We have an established 24/7 support operation covering sub-Saharan Africa with our own spares holdings in-country.  This allows us to offer cost-effective services, including same-day services across our supported countries.
  • Training & Certification: We offer in-country training, according to our partners’ certification programs, in addition to customised knowledge-transfer training, specific to customer solutions.
  • Proven Capability: We have a proven track record of delivering large, complex projects across Africa. A few recent customers include:


Service Providers saw a major decrease in their high-margin voice services over the past 10 years when their subscribers started migrating to data services to drive their productivity applications. Currently, data dominates Service Provider networks; however, the largest proportion of the service revenue has moved to the OTT content providers resulting in a decoupling of traffic and revenue. The OTT providers have secured a position of very high revenues for their services but with very low risk since the bulk of the cost in providing their services lies in connectivity from the subscriber to their platforms, which is borne by the Service Provider.


The introduction of integrated IP/Optical networks has enabled Service Providers to meet their objectives of reduced time to market for new services whilst reducing Operational Expenditure (OPEX) associated with their networks. Software Defined Network takes these integrations a step further by enabling applications and services to dynamically request network infrastructure on demand. Through this integration, Service Providers will become more aligned with their customers and business requirements thus making their environments much more agile and competitive at a lower cost. Business agility affects the top-line with a potential increase in revenue and Integration, at the operational level, affects the bottom line with OPEX savings – so it is a win-win situation.


Users are demanding an enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE) from their service providers. These user demands are incrementally increasing the pressure on Service Providers to continuously upgrade their core network’s bandwidth. The Optimisation solution from NEC XON allows Service Providers to deliver an enhanced QoE to their users without necessarily increasing their investment in core bandwidth through Deep Packet Inspection and caching techniques. These are tightly integrated with the billing capability included in the solution and, for the first time, it is possible to monetise what was previously seen as techniques to reduce Operational Expenditure only. This solution leads to increased revenue and reduced Capital and Operational Expenditure for Service Providers whilst enabling them to maintain and grow a loyal, happy subscriber base.


Carrier Ethernet’s applications are endless, such includes: Mobile Backhaul, Enterprise LAN interconnection, Enterprise Data Centre interconnection, Leased Line replacement, Ethernet Access and Ethernet Transit services. Not only does Carrier Ethernet offer the lowest cost per megabyte of any transport technology, but the main advantage is that the services, interfaces and management layers have been fully standardised by the Metro Ethernet Forum; however, the method of connecting these services is flexible and is delegated to lower level protocols and technologies, like MPLS. NEC XON’s Carrier Ethernet solution integrates technologies from:
Juniper Networks - providing the Carrier Ethernet services layer,
ADVA Networks – providing the optical transport, and
NEC – providing packet microwave transport.


Service Providers, Enterprises and Small to Medium Businesses are increasingly seeing their businesses being threatened by cyber security attacks. Africa is no longer immune to cyber threats and the number and severity of targeted attacks is increasing exponentially year on year. NEC XON has brought together two of the most innovative vendors in the cyber security space to create a solution that not only ensures Service Providers’ customers business continuity, but it also protects Enterprise and Small to Medium businesses from both internal and external threats. NEC XON’s integrated solution aims to protect Service Providers from the revenue impacting threat of their customers’ operations being attacked as well as the potentially devastating impact on businesses when their operations are crippled by malicious attackers.


Mobile networks have seen an explosion in the amount of data consumed by subscribers due to the proliferation of smart devices and media rich applications. In a study by the US FCC, the amount of mobile data consumed in the USA alone in 2013 was 563 PetaBytes (PB) per month, and it is predicted that this will grow to six times this amount by 2019. In order to deliver on these demands, mobile networks must make optimal use of any spectrum and wireless technologies available to them in the pursuit of heterogeneous networks (HetNets). NEC XON’s integrated 3G, LTE small cell solution from NEC allows Mobile Operators to increase their footprint and capacity at the lowest cost with a very small environmental impact and footprint.


Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) is an architecture that allows IT organisations, whether in Service Providers or Enterprises, to build a unified hybrid cloud, which brings together the Enterprises private, public and hybrid cloud environments. In most Enterprises, cloud services will be planned and deployed in a mix of:
private cloud for proprietary corporate information,
public cloud for less sensitive or publicly accessible information
The management of the cloud services may be self-managed or outsourced. SDDC extends the virtualisation concepts that have been the basis for the traditional cloud services to present all resources, including computing power, virtualisation, storage and management, as utilities to any device at any time on what customers perceive as one unified cloud.


TMForum Frameworx is a suite of best practices and standards that provides the blueprint for effective, efficient business operations. It enables Service Providers to assess and optimise performance using a proven, service-orientation approach to operations and integration. The practical tools available in Frameworx help improve end-to-end management of services across complex, multi-partner and multi-vendor environments. Netcracker, an independent company owned by NEC, is the leading provider of TMForum’s compliant and certified NMS, OSS and BSS solutions that enable effective Business Process and Operations Management for large Service Provider customers.