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17 Oct, 2018
iPASOLINK iX by NEC microwave transmission

NEC XON has appointed MiRO Distribution to distribute its iPASOLINK iX by NEC microwave transmission equipment giving ISPs access to licenced and ICASA-approved technology that meets regulatory and legislative requirements.

The distribution agreement provides mid-tier ISPs targeted by MiRO Distribution an end-to-end solution for microwave transmission, from finance to installation, ICASA applications to training and after-sales support.

“MiRO Distribution will hold stock of NEC’s iPASOLINK equipment in their warehouse, which facilitates faster deployments for customers, and we supply them multi-band in single unit equipment that reduces stockholding requirements,” says Nicholas Krul, account executive at NEC XON. “The equipment is vendor type-certified with ICASA, which speeds up the deployment process, and meets all the legislative requirements to protect spectrum frequencies for interference-free use in dense transmission environments.”

Nicholas Krul, account executive at NEC XON

“The NEC equipment is advantageous for a number of reasons,” says Ted De Boer, product manager for carrier wireless at MiRO Distribution.

“The way it handles sub-bands reduces our stock keeping units for the radios and modems. The way the radios and modems are designed and interact also makes it possible to design systems to create hops or relays using single modems, which reduces the implementation and total ownership costs compared to a full dual solution. NEC XON is in the country, in fact right across the road from us, which also speeds up orders, deliveries, and puts technical assistance right on our doorstep, in our own language.”

MiRO Distribution provides finance, credit guarantees, and completes full installations for clients with empowering skills transfers.

MiRO Distribution will launch the relationship and NEC microwave technologies at two events, one at its Johannesburg office on October 23, and a second at its Cape Town office on October 25.

Ted De Boer, product manager for carrier wireless at MiRO Distribution


NEC XON is the combination of XON, a Systems Integrator providing custom ICT and security services and solutions in Southern Africa since 1996 and NEC Africa, the African business of the global technology giant NEC Corporation. NEC Corporation implemented its first communication solution is Africa in 1963 and established NEC Africa in 2011 to grow its business ICT and public safety.

Kapela Holdings, XON’s B-BBEE partner since 2012, continues as NEC XON’s B-BBEE partner in South Africa with Israel Skosana as chairman of the board of directors of NEC XON.

NEC generates global revenues in excess of $30 billion by orchestrating a brighter world for public entities, enterprises, telecoms carriers, and providing system platforms for businesses.

The combined NEC Africa and XON (NEC XON) operations seek to more fully explore the opportunities for safe city, energy, cyber security, telecommunication solutions, retail, energy, managed services, cyber defence services and cloud (both public and private) among others in sub-Sahara Africa.

NEC XON maintains its head offices in Gauteng, South Africa with a footprint that covers all nine provinces in South Africa and 16 Countries in sub-Sahara Africa.

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