NEC Africa and XON to bolster Interpol’s African cyber crime facilities

18 Aug, 2017
Vernon Fryer, NEC Africa’s head of African cyber business and Cyber Defence Operation Centre

NEC Africa and its associate XON will provide additional safety, security, and cyber crime ICT services and infrastructure for several Interpol facilities in Africa as part of NEC’s global collaboration with Interpol to curb current and emerging safety and security threats.

Movement of terrorists and terrorism, drugs and smuggling, and human trafficking, an increasingly prominent crime in Africa, dominated the conversation at Interpol’s recent Digital Security Challenge, a cyber crime exercise to train participants from more than 20 countries and territories.

“We already have deployments at several Interpol facilities throughout Africa, including the cyber command centre facility in Rwanda,” says Vernon Fryer, NEC Africa’s head of African cyber business and Cyber Defence Operation Centre. “We will augment that with further installations in other countries, including Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe and Côte d’Ivoire.”

Interpol has worked closely with NEC for several years because NEC provides technology solutions that tightly integrate the physical and cyber worlds for co-ordinated proactive measures and responses by defence, safety and security, and emergency response agencies. NEC Africa’s associate, XON, provides the underlying connectivity and supporting ICT infrastructure and technical expertise to create an end-to-end cyber crime and safety and security solution. These solutions are suitable for immediate deployment by government agencies, key point infrastructure facilities, and public venue commercial operations such as retail centres.

Fryer was one of the select attendees of Interpol’s Digital Security Challenge. The four-day event developed participants’ skills and practical knowledge on identifying malware, bitcoin analytics, and more. It was a practical demonstration of Interpol’s commitment to improving its worldwide investigators’ skills.

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