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Join us as we hear from the cybersecurity experts from the Mimecast and NEC XON teams, to explore the South African findings during this webinar

60% of companies were hurt by a ransomware attack, up from 47% according to Mimecast’s 2022 State of Email Security Report.

South Africans experienced an average of nearly 11 days of downtime due to ransomware attacks. Of course, time is money and that means ransomware can cost a company dearly.

In the face of all this, most companies are urgently seeking to inoculate themselves against ransomware and other email-borne threats. Their efforts to date, however, have been uneven.

Use the insights from Mimecast’s 2022 State of Email Security Report and Experts to help you deliver continuous improvements to your cyber resilience strategy. 

Webinar Details


21 September 2022


10:00 – 10:45




Steve Herridge – Sales Head RSA at Mimecast

Gidon Shwartz

With Mimecast since 2015, Steve is the Senior Director of Sales for South Africa, responsible for ensuring customers derive full service value to increase their resilience and protection against cyber threats. He has over twenty years’ experience in the pan-African ICT market with his forte being cybersecurity and Software-as-a-Service focused on cyber resilience.

John Nepgen – Senior Sales Engineer

Gidon Shwartz

Johan, a Senior Sales Engineer for Mimecast South Africa, has over 17 years’ experience in the ICT industry. His extensive background in system engineering, infrastructure management, technology optimization and solution architecture ensures customers realise maximum return on investment from technology deployments.

Kevin Smith – Head of Cyber Security

Nimrod Kravicas

Kevin Smith – Bio

As a regional business leader, I have assisted NEC XON and our clients in
executing business goals, increasing revenue, and transforming business through the
use of solutions and services that we bring to the market.

I have over 19 years of General IT experience, and have focused specifically on
Cybersecurity over the last 5 years. I believe that team dynamics is the magic that
happens as a result of effective communication, and this is my number one focus when
building teams.

I am passionate about creating, educating, and building Cybersecurity skills in our
industry. As a Cybersecurity community it is our responsibility to assist our clients in
transforming technology issues into business outcomes, and fight the ever increasing
cyber threat landscape.

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