Foremost Global Solutions

You can access the leading technologies, solutions and global partnerships, supported by more than 50 years of innovation and services tailored for African organisations, to create exceptional identity-based services.

We put a spectrum of services and solutions at your disposal. They include biometrics, ID cards and documents, data integrations, communications connectivity, hybrid energy solutions, maintenance and support, as well as remote monitoring and management. You never need to worry about a thing.

Know Your Customer (KYC), self-service and vending kiosks

  • The solution that leads the African market

  • Establish and verify customer identities in minutes without branch overheads

  • Fully integrated solutions, including legacy technologies

  • Rapid, accurate and robust multi-modal biometrics including touchless data acquisition and verification

  • Flexible solutions that maximise existing infrastructure and adapt to regional regulatory requirements

  • We provide proofs of concept (POC) on application

  • Technical monitoring and support with replenishments

  • Models to support numerous business cases

  • Supported by a fully managed service

Facilitating Business

  • Enable extensive government services, such as managing and issuing citizen identifications, including passports and identity documents and cards, vehicle and driver licences, payments such as grants and pensions, and many more

  • Create and issue bank, credit, and health insurance cards at point of no-contact, meet all regulatory compliance requirements onsite, so that you can reduce branch and employee overheads while improving customer experiences

  • It is easy for telco and network operator service providers to provide products and services via vending kiosks (KYC), such as SIM cards and phones, as well as activating subscriptions, while meeting all regulatory requirements at the point of no-contact

Intelligent back end

  • The world’s most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) powers unrivalled speed, accuracy, and dependable results

Comprehensive Partnerships Support Regional Requirements

Some of the world’s top vendors, as well as skilled partners with focused expertise, partner with us to provide solutions tailored to regional business requirements.

  • La Colombe
  • CFAU
  • Wavetec

Identity Management Solutions

  • Stable and resilient for all requirements including very large data sets
  • We are a tier 1 solutions provider for Identity Management (ID) solutions
  • Using the world’s top recognition algorithm delivers leading speed and accuracy
  • Integrated multimodal identity data acquisition and verification
  • Proven African use cases

Proven Process

Our proven processes use best practices to integrate disparate systems, including legacy, harnessing the advantages of advanced APIs and web technologies bound in state-of-the-art security for rapid, robust and reliable deployments.

Every project is delivered via ISO-certified solutions and services, with professional project management (PMO) methods, by experienced, certified skills and resources.

Skills and Experience

You can rely on our decades of regional innovation experience that harnesses the power of NEC Corporation’s advanced global biometrics technologies and worldwide best-of-breed equipment to create solutions that work for you.

  • Global adoption, by more than 50% of biometrics-based businesses in the US who rely on our technology
  • Innovative development of biometrics solutions since 1971
  • Coded to ethical business conduct
  • Regional head offices in East, West and South Africa

Service and Support

NEC XON delivers 24-7-365 field support services, problem management, service delivery management, and transition management via our Service & Management Centre.

Delivered via ITIL and aligned with best practices, best-of-breed ITSM technology, and underpinned by certified and experienced engineers and technicians, we support customers with maintenance, support, and managed services.

  • Rapid onboarding via best of breed technology
  • Extensive service lifecycle integration and management
  • Optimal operational maintenance and rapid restoration

Get Africa’s best end-to-end identity management and multimodal biometrics solutions from a partner who delivers.