Integrated Protection

Comprehensive or modular consulting, managed, and professional services

We help organisations improve the balance between risk management and cybersecurity investment, Opex-based, using advanced automation and Managed Security Services (MSS) that cut detection and response times while maximising protection.

Our 5-stage cybersecurity framework ensures end-to-end integrity, confidentiality and availability for data, identities, assets and the entire network, on-premise and in the cloud.

Our approach ensures end-to-end integrity, confidentiality and availability for data, identities, assets and the entire network, on-premise and in the cloud.


Integration helps you consolidate multiple data points and threat intelligence into a single channel. Thus, enabling correlation of events, optimisation of current investments, and best-practice standard operating procedure (SOP).


Enables fast and effective responses and develop a single pane of glass into your environment with centralised services and threat intelligence. It helps you collect data fast and deliver dynamic responses that are consistent and efficient to reduce the impacts of cyber incidents on your data, reputation, trust, and potential loss of revenue. SOAR (security, orchestration, automation and response) technologies assist analysts with incident aggregation, impact analysis and centralised security services.


Automation helps to respond to incidents quickly with custom configuration and playbook integration. In addition, automation of incident triage, VAPT (vulnerability assessment and penetration testing), reporting and managed status alerts, backups, and remediation can reduce analyst fatigue or human error.


Reporting helps stakeholders quantify and understand key risk factors across the business, gain insights into critical vectors that threaten organisational assets, and identify incidents. Monthly or weekly executive reports provide insight into threats, trends and incidents for senior management. In addition, live dashboards allow customers to view status, incidents and system security information in real-time.

Consulting and Professional Services

Consulting and professional services help executives and their teams understand the risk landscape and address increasingly sophisticated cyber threats by formulating strategies that transform their security to protect their organisations better.

  • Security architecture design and frameworks
  • Policies and procedural development and alignment
  • Forensic consulting and investigations
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Product support and deployment
  • Chief information security officer (CISO) services
  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services
  • InfoSec awareness and training

InfoSec Solutions

Infosec tools help cybersecurity professionals protect critical or sensitive business information while supporting availability and integrity without disruption.

  • Data loss prevention (DLP)

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

  • Content filtering and email

  • Encryption

  • Firewalls and proxies

  • Vulnerability assessments (VA)

  • Database security

  • Cloud access security broker (CASB)

  • IT and patch management (ITMS)

  • Posture analyses

  • Controls validation

  • Penetration testing of networks, websites, applications, databases

  • Secure access service edge (SASE)

Verified Secure

Organisations gain the advantage of our exhaustive methodology that examines more than 50 vital aspects of cybersecurity with each onboarding.

We provide obligation-free proofs of value (POV) for our 5-stage cybersecurity framework that ensures end-to-end integrity, confidentiality and availability for data, identities, assets and the entire network on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Frameworks that are industry leading
  • Risks assessed
  • Maturity assessed
  • Gap analyses
  • Asset classification and identification
  • Analyses of risk management
  • Monitoring of key risk indicators

Measured Performance

Since 2007, we have delivered hundreds of reference architectures for organisations who use hybrid and recognisably leading cloud services and global data centres.

  • More than 800 standard integrations
  • Deep vendor partnerships provide code-level support
  • Segmented operational technology (OT) framework
  • Continuous R&D for diverse solutions including Scada and 5G
  • Member of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA)
  • 7 global NEC infosec ops centres
  • African SOC and centre of excellence with 3 partner franchised centres in Africa
  • Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) member

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