Role: Field Technician – Retail
Reports To: Retail Operations Manager
Office location: Midrand

Main purpose of the job:

The Retail/Pricer Field Technician function entails the installation of retail projects assigned to him and assuring that such projects are delivered within the agreed upon time frame and approved budget.

It also entails the overseeing of all staff members and tools assigned to him to assure cost and time effectiveness on all projects.

Key responsibilities:

Supervision of Permanent and/or Temporary staff members (Assisting Field Technician, and cabling Team) employed for all Pricer installations nationwide

Project Management

  • Able to run and manage projects assigned to him from inception right up to sign-off independently
  • Updating the PM/OM with regards to the progress of projects on a daily basis.
  • Communicate changes (delays, cost variations, etc.) to the parties involved, prior to the occurrence of such and propose alternatives, if and when applicable.
  • Ensuring, to the best of his/her ability that all installations / Projects are delivered within the proposed budget and time frame.
  • Preparing of, detailed and explanatory, final reports to your manager consisting of problems occurred and remedial actions taken, for all projects / installations delivered.
  • Supervising of all staff members (permanent or temporarily employed) assigned to him/her for the duration of any given project.
  • Ensuring that all items, in their correct quantity, necessary for an installation (as per quote), are ready for delivery to the site prior to such installation.
  • Responsible to ensure all equipment required for any retail and/or Pricer installation are complete (Verified equipment kit, and delivery loaded in advance) and delivered to site prior to starting installations where applicable.
  • Ensuring that the correct quantity and correct items, for an installation, are delivered at the site and that the relevant documentation is fully completed by the customer, e.g. delivery notes, etc.
  • Arrange transport of assigned retail/Pricer resources and teams required for an installation
  • Ensure that assigned retail/Pricer resources are always on time, deliver high quality work.
  • Responsible to compile and check the “Week Time Sheets” for all staff whether permanent and temporary used in any Pricer installation and submit to the PM/OM
  • Responsible to sign off monthly time sheets for Assisting Field Technician on a daily basis.
  • Manage Cabling Team for all his installations, ensure high quality work and that deliveries are on time.
  • Perform transceiver placements according to Pricer best practices for sites when necessary.
  • Liaise with customers to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained at high level during and after installation.
  • Attending to any customer queries with regards to retail/Pricer ESL systems
  • Communication with the client as to what the procedure of the installation would be.
  • Managing of Assisting Field Technician in his team during the installation.
  • Training of members in his team
  • Training of Client and his staff on the Pricer system
  • Managing the paperwork (claim forms, time sheets, etc.) of his Assisting Field Technician.
  • Ensuring that his paperwork is handed in, together with that of his team, at the times requested by the Supervisor and or PMO and or OM.
  • Ensuring that Assisting Field Technician have the necessary tools to perform an installation.
  • Ensuring that tools are returned in the condition handed to the Assisting Field Technician.
  • Ensuring that all equipment (tools) issued is returned once a project is complete.
  • Promptly report any tools that are damaged and/or misplaced during the project.
  • Ensuring that the correct equipment (to be installed) is delivered on site on time.
  • Arrange accommodation and S&T request for approval from PM/OM
  • Assist with the installation of any retail/Pricer equipment be it hardware or software related.
  • Prompt escalation to the PM/OM of any issues to ensure fast remedial action.
  • Ensuring the full functionality of the system installed.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction during the installation of a system.
  • Build a relationship with Manager or Owner where possible
  • Assisting with training of staff members in the installation of the system to assure smooth future installations.
  • Ensure that all necessary documentation is correctly completed signed and handed in.
  • Ensure that the team, including himself, are professional, helpful and friendly at all times when dealing with a customer.
  • Always be fare and respond in a Professional way when communicating with other staff members or shoppers.
  • Be an example by always dressing according to the company dress code.
  • Sales duties i.e., endeavour to sell retail/Pricer ESL system to any new or existing customer
  • Perform tasks as assigned to him by the Supervisor/PMO/operations manager or any senior team manager

Pricer Knowledge

  • All basic Pricer software knowledge
  • Advanced Pricer software knowledge preferred.
  • Install PRC file and integrate to customer back-office system
  • Transceiver placement
  • Install Pricer SW on any server & test interface works to customer BO
  • Install printers and troubleshoot
  • All back-office systems., PnP and Spar
  • Android scanners
  • Pricer HW and SW testing, e.g. Trx’s, BS, printers
  • Team Viewer, ISTT, FTP


  • Support and maintenance of retail/Pricer ESL systems in all new and existing stores.
  • Able to resolve and close basic technical support calls independently
  • Ensure that all support calls assigned to him are attended to and closed within a reasonable time frame or according to the SLA of the customer
  • Prompt escalation of “problems” to Support Manager to ensure fast remedial action on calls that you cannot resolve
  • Keeping abreast of all changes (technical or otherwise) with regards to the system to ensure smooth future installations and enhanced support
  • Assisting with support calls and going to customers sites to help resolve calls when needed
  • Assist in preparing servers for other projects when requested to do so.
  • Performing SLA Maintenance when requested to do so
  • Able to resolve and close all support 1st line calls independently


  • Performing duties assigned to him from time to time, which do not necessarily form part of the Job description
  • Keeping abreast of all changes (technical or otherwise) with regards to the system to ensure smooth future installations and support and improve overall knowledge
  • Always adhere to all health and safety protocols and processes as prescribed by NEC XON
  • Willing to work overtime, weekends or nightshift
  • Willing to travel away from home

Key performance measures:

  1. Meeting no less than 90% of the Installation deadlines
  2. Sending site updates to Ops Manager daily
  3. Making sure that all tools and vehicles are correctly managed on site and cleaned on a weekly basis
  4. Submitting of project files after signing off in a neat and complete manner for invoicing
  5. Reporting of an issue with a company vehicle within 24 hours



  • Organizational capability
  • Fluent in English
  • Physically fit
  • Communicational ability
  • Inquisitive
  • Own initiative
  • Hardware and Software knowledge
  • Fast Learner
  • Strong Leadership ability

Qualification & Experience

  • Matric or similar
  • A+ N+ or Basic computing skills
  • Basic Linux skills
  • Windows skills
  • Basic Excel skills
  • Advanced MsWord skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Computer hardware skills
  • Cabling and networking experience will be of an advantage.
  • Proven ability to drive and lead teams.
  • Experience on projects with tight deadlines.
  • Leadership ability.
  • Driver’s license

Closing Date

08 July 2022

Your application must include:

An updated CV, motivational letter and relevant certificates.