Prime Value

Serving two distinct markets: Advanced solutions for Commercial & Industrial applications; as well as Innovative products and services for Network Operators and Service Providers, Enterprise and other requirements.

Commercial & Industrial

  • End-to-end, turnkey generation and storage solutions
  • Thorough levelised cost of energy (LCOE) analyses providing operational and commercial outputs
  • Comprehensive design and engineering that considers extensive elements
  • Remote monitoring, maintenance and support
  • Full consulting capabilities
  • ESCO partnerships for financing and implementation

Networks & Enterprise

  • Numerous use cases for a variety of sectors including Network Service Providers, Telcos, Broadcasters, MNOs, Safety & Security, Industry
  • Hybrid and off-grid solutions offer premium TCO with low operation and maintenance costs over a 10-year lifespan
  • Design, install, maintain, and support or turnkey managed service solution
  • Analyses and consulting including all-encompassing dimensioning
  • DC, AC, and storage
  • Integrated management of energy generation from multiple types
  • Optimised energy quality and reliability provision for all conditions, throughout Africa
  • Space-optimised, containerised solution
  • Additional systems include HVAC system control, fire suppression, access control, facial recognition and more
  • Integrated, modern technologies maximise existing investments
  • Safe and protected infrastructure to match regional requirements
  • Sophisticated 24-7 remote monitoring and management capabilities
  • Lithium-ion (li-ion) technologies maximise ROI, enhance reliability, fully exploit generator equipment, extend lifecycles per usage pattern, enhance asset utilisation

Reliable Access

We deliver dependable solutions via tried-and-tested models. Our advanced engineering complements acute commercial considerations for robust energy applications that fuel progress.

Commercial & Industrial

Advanced energy simulations, sophisticated modelling and sensitivities provide our customers superior operational and commercial insights to generate unbeatable long-term cost reductions.


  • Analyses in detail of existing environments
  • Detailed, all-inclusive multi-year simulations and engineered solutions to optimise business outcomes
  • Extensive options modelling including hybrid components, resources, multiple tariffs, outages, emissions, incentives, paybacks, LCOE, ROI, and IRR
  • Relevant parameters are interrogated, including locations, equipment efficiencies, fuel costs, degradation, fuel usage factors, run times and many more for comprehensive technical and commercial insights.
  • Complete framework to analyse sensitivities
  • Standardised on ISO and other installation benchmarks, including PMO
  • Managed services, maintenance and technical support

Networks & Enterprise

These highly competitive solutions are specifically suited to the requirements in various African regions and delivers reliable, stable energy for key applications. Our remotely controllable and configurable systems offer the full package or elements as required.


  • Assessed – Site assessments and analyses
  • Scoped – Scoping and dimensioning
  • Installed – Rapid containerised installations
  • Tailored – Regional options for specific requirements
  • Integrated – Systems integration expertise with extensive management capabilities
  • Dependable – ISO and other standards-based installation processes including PMO
  • Optimised – Digitalised solutions offer extensive remote monitoring, configuration, and management options
  • Maximised – Reduces overheads on costly skilled resources
  • Serviced – Managed services, and technical support

Skills and Experience

We have broad capabilities and are proficient at delivering energy solutions for government, enterprise, industry, and telecommunications and related sectors throughout Africa.

From top-tier grid-connected alternative energy solutions to data centres and high-site systems, our teams provide dependable technologies, expert skills, and sustainable partnerships.

  • Skilled, certified, and experienced resources
  • Extensive partnership programmes
  • Knowledge and skills transfer programmes for maintenance, technical resources, and contractors
  • Establish regional manufacturing partnerships and create employment
  • Delivering technology and services to African organisations since 1963


NEC XON is the African business of NEC Corporation, the global technology giant. Our African footprint across East, West and South Africa includes 16 countries and we have business activities in 54.

  • ISO-certified
  • Certified project management office (PMO)
  • 24-7-365 proactive monitoring and services

Secure reliable energy and dependable business outcomes.