About Us

NEC XON combines the best people, skills, solutions, and services of XON and NEC Africa, which formed a close partnership in 2015. Together, we provide deep integration skills and experience with global technology leadership into a world-class service for our customers. We have served African organisations since 1963.

We deliver advanced solutions to government, telecommunications providers, mobile network operators, network service providers and enterprise. The comprehensive and tightly integrated offering across infrastructure, safety, communications and digital provides carrier-grade solutions with enterprise-class services, maintenance and support.

  • African innovation centre
  • Headquarters in South, East and West Africa
  • Global NEC partnership
  • World-class strategic technology relationships

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  • Regional partnerships across 16 African countries

  • Level 1 B-BBEE

  • Kapela Capital investment partnership

  • Offices across all 9 South African provinces

Our Promise

We commit to creating social value with our partners and customers. We commit to working together to create safe, secure, efficient and more equal societies to improve people’s lives.

Partner with customers

Partnering with Customers

We are the trusted ICT and systems integration partner for a broad cross-section of African organisations because we know that delivery happens when people connect.

Further Business Goals

We work with customers to deliver solutions that meet requirements and align our best-in-class methodologies to further their business goals

Solve Business Challenges

We strive to understand key issues to create relevant solutions through expertise and services because we are dedicated and passionate about solving complex business challenges

NEC Group

NEC XON has a close association with the NEC Group via NEC Africa. NEC Group is a 3,095 billion Yen per annum business started in 1899 and now has more than 112,000 employees worldwide. The group consists of Public Solutions, Public Infrastructure, Enterprise, Network Services, and Global biometric authentication solutions and software services.

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NEC way

The NEC Way is a common set of values for the entire NEC Group conduct. “Purpose” and “Principles” represent why and how we conduct business. “Code of Values” and “Code of conduct” embodies the values and behaviours all members of the NEC Group must demonstrate.

We create social value by putting the NEC Way into practice.

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