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5G takes us a step closer to realising more equal, more inclusive, and more connected societies with the power to transform commerce, industry, public services, and more.

It provides unprecedented speed and throughput that drives many new use cases. Key among its numerous benefits, 5G enables innovative broadband connectivity solutions for service providers that reshape the African telecommunications environment.

Why choose us?

Through deep consultation and leveraging decades of experience in providing carrier-grade solutions, we have modelled bespoke 5G architectures that revolutionise African telecommunications. Using Open RAN (ORAN) through our embedded partnership with NEC, we help service providers unite leading global technologies with best-in-class methodologies for comprehensive solutions that provide upgrade paths to evolve over time.

  • Proven Since 1963 – We have delivered telecommunications solutions to African organisations since 1963, experience we continue to share with customers every day.
  • Specialist Integration Services – From broad solutions to managed, digital, consulting, maintenance and support services, we help African organisations from one end to the other.
  • Roadmaps for Africa – The open architecture of our 5G ORAN solutions ensures service providers get innovative solutions that drive ultra-competitive business models for new and broader services and revenue streams.
  • Resilient, Sustainable and Secure – Inclusive 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G, in the Africa’s most innovative ORAN architectures, that secures, revitalises and extends networks, capacities, and scale.


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